this is how we do it

Ele fala sobre criar suas músicas, mas se aplica às artes visuais também, claro.

“if I liked it and i felt it deep in my heart, wether it was soul or not, I was with it.”

“…Most of my writings have to do with my observances, on my feelings from the heart and when you keep your eyes upon the prize like that, it’s better for your writings simply because what you say, being a human being yourself, will relate to most human beings, doesn’t matter what color you are…”

“whatever your creativity is or whatever you’re doing in life, hopefully they’re positive, keep a strong mind, always be yourself and just continue the struggle of pushing and achieving your goals.”

Ouve aí.

Coisinhas legais que o shuffle encontra às vezes no meio do monte de mp3.

Superfly: Deluxe 25th Anniversary Edition



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